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Reading of Kick like a Woman was a roaring success - production has been green lit!
Workshop Presentation completed: "Die weiße Rose" a new musical by Vera Bolten & Alex Melcher.

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Himmel und Koelle A Comedy Musical

Logo Hero Image Apiro Entertainment The two Grimme Prize winners Dietmar Jacobs and Moritz Netenjakob wrote a poignant book about their hometown Cologne together with new music from Andreas Schnermann. Since opening night in the fall of 2020, "Himmel und Kölle" has written a success story. Night after night, enthusiastic audiences celebrate the fast-paced, multi-award-winning show ("Cologne Cultural Event of the Year" & German Musical Theater Prize). We meet the naive provincial priest Elmar on a truly hellish trip through the sinful big city, where he is supposed to lead his new congregation on the right path. Instead he gets caught up in a party-hungry bachelorette party, which entangles him in numerous risqué situations and surprising life changes. DISCOVER MORE  

„Die weiße Rose“ Development of a new musical by Vera Bolten & Alex Melcher

New Musical Weisse Rose We are thrilled to have facilitated the first workshop performance of this new production. New Musical Weisse Rose   The quote „Die weiße Rose lässt Euch keine Ruhe“ ("The white rose will not let you rest") from the fourth pamphlet of the resistance movement "Weisse Rose" is both refrain of the theme song and the driving force behind this new musical.We tell the story of the resistance group from the Scholl siblings' enthusiastic participation in the Hitler Youth to their dangerous commitment to freedom and their death sentence before the People's Court. New Musical Weisse RoseThe music of Alex Melcher strikes rocky tones whilst the book of Vera Bolten illuminates the motives, doubts and fears of the resistance fighters.

Kick Like a Woman - New Musical Theatre & Film Development signed off! Against all odds: How unknown heroines from the countryside revolutionized German soccer

SSG09 Spielerinnen im Siegestaumel A story about strong women, the power of friendship, triumphs despite adversity, and also love - inspired by the first German women soccer world champions of 1981 - in development as a musical and feature film. For the proposed musical, a renowned leading team around the author Constanze Behrends (German Musical Theater Award/best book; "Jana und Janis", "Gutes Wedding, Schlechtes Wedding") could be secured. Simultaneously, US producer Kirstin Winkler from Los Angeles ("2012 - The End of the World", "Girl You Know It's True") is developing an international feature film based on the heroines of the 1981 soccer miracle. Both endeavors are a co-production of Frank Blase of Apiro Entertainment and film rights trader Marc Schneider of RIGHTS. "This material offers everything for a unique theater evening and a gripping cinematic experience: an event of world significance that begins in a small town just outside Cologne. It is a story of unhinged heroines, friendships, seemingly insurmountable odds and the power to fight for one's dreams," according to the production.


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